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Szüret Vendégház is located in Szekszárd, 30 mi from Pécs and 29 mi from Harta. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant.

Offering a spa and wellness center, Hotel Trojan is located at the foot of Trojak Mountain in the quiet outskirts of Lądek-Zdrój.

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Zaldy Goco, a Filipino is one of the top and favorite New York fashion designers today. Fascinated with fashion at an early age, Zaldy Goco recalls spending hours with his grandmother, who ran her own fashion school in the Philippines.

Fogless Mirrors Z’Fogless™ Water Mirrors help to provide the optimal conditions for the perfect shave. Featuring a patented built-in reservoir that raises the temperature of the mirror surface to that of the shower, no matter how steamy the environment gets, your Z’Fogless™ Water Mirror.

2015 – Rebranding of the company, ZTS Strojárne is HERN. Corporate culture Corporate culture. HERN s.r.o. is aware that its success depends on the strong foundations of cooperation with partners, customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. Ethics, morality, integrity, respect and honesty are an integral part of firm’s conduct.

The International Kodály Society is active in 34 countries and has Affiliated National Organizations in 16 countries. The IKS was founded in 1975 in Kecskemét, Hungary to promote the musical, educational and cultural concepts associated with Zoltán Kodály for the benefit of music generally and in particular for the educational advancement of youth.

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Antikvár könyv - A fogyás hét lakat alatt őrzött titkai - Hatékonyan fogyni, Antikvár könyv - Malgorzata Drozd módszere - Hogyan lehet lefogyni diéta nélkül.

Brian King, Chief of Party, USAID Zrda Activity in Georgia Brian King is a senior manager with 15 years of technical expertise in value chain and private sector competitiveness interventions, entrepreneurship promotion and MSME development, SME export promotion marketing, non-financial business development services, and MSME financing. Brian is adept at efficiently, transparently.